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Orient Secret Necklace


The inspiration of the password series comes from the graphical vision of the digital age and the aesthetic inspiration of the Internet age.

  • Emerging original design brand.
  • Unique gold coating environmental protection technology, light and comfortable to wear.
  • 316L medical stainless steel, anti-oxidation, to ensure that the skin is not allergic.
  • Perfect match with V-neck clothing, suitable for various parties and important occasions.
  • Exquisite gift box packaging, the best gift choice.

    About 𝕆ℝ 𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐃𝐄𝐂𝐎

    2011, the OR brand was founded in Paris, France. With the stubborn original intention of "not flattering and not following", the founder has integrated the concept of NEO ARTDECO into its creation, and traced and recreated the classic aesthetics and humanistic spirit of the 20th century ARTDECO era. OR uses an experimental approach, based on material innovation and form exploration, to re-integrate the softness and lightness of natural cowhide with the icy luster of metallic texture to create an unprecedented OR jewelry style.

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  • Exquisite gift box packaging, the best gift choice.
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