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Our Story

Our Story


2011, the OR brand was founded in Paris, France. With the stubborn original intention of "not flattering and not following", the founder has integrated the concept of NEO ARTDECO into its creation, and traced and recreated the classic aesthetics and humanistic spirit of the 20th century ARTDECO era. OR uses an experimental approach, based on material innovation and form exploration, to re-integrate the softness and lightness of natural cowhide with the icy luster of metallic texture to create an unprecedented OR jewelry style.

Exploring "highlights" in daily life, OR is expressing pride and freedom regardless of trends, genders, and circles.

Gatsby Series

Inspired by the movie "The Great Gatsby", which interprets the "ARTDECO" style that was popular in the Western world in the 20th century to the extreme. Designer uses lots of lines, minimalism, symmetry and graphics to find a balance between the tightness and density of the lines.

Natural series

Inspired by nature, flowers and plants, plant leaf veins, animal feathers and other elements.


Horus series

Inspired by the "Eye of Horus" in Greek mythology. The combination of the triangle and the eye pattern is called the all-seeing eye, or the eye of God. Its source comes from the "eye of Horus" in Greek mythology, which has a sacred meaning and represents the blessing of the gods and supremacy of monarchy.


Classic series

Inspired by classic patterns in design history, including lace, plaid, and more.


Orientalism Series

Inspired by oriental elements, Chinese architectural patterns, traditional paintings, Chinese and Japanese traditional patterns and other elements.


Password series

Inspired by the graphic vision of the digital age, and the aesthetic inspiration of the Internet age.



From the 20th century DECO movement. Its main feature is the beautiful lines of the sensual nature, called organic lines, such as the shapes of flowers and animals, especially the neck strips of vines, and oriental cultural patterns. Meanwhile, Art DECO absorbs the technical beauty of the industrial age. Mechanical, geometric and pure decorative lines are also used to express the beauty of the times and created some typical decorative patterns such as fan-shaped radiating sunlight, gears or streamlined lines, Symmetrical and simple geometric compositions and more. ART DECO style has influenced the world for two centuries, Tiffany, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and other top brands have used ARTDECO elements in jewelry design.

NEO ARTDECO is based on the 20th century DECO modeling method, combined with contemporary aesthetic sentiment, experimenting with materials and forms, aiming to inherit and innovate. The classic architectural elements of the East and the West, Indian and Persian-style flowers and leaves, the pattern totems of the ancient Egyptian culture, the industrial design and clothing design of different eras, constitute a continuous source of inspiration and unlimited design space for OR jewelry to create cross-generational NEO ARTDECO cool aesthetics.