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OR jewelry story starts in 2008, our conception is a bold exploration of the NEO-ARTDECO concept style, to unearth the humanistic spirit of 20th century chic, and eluding conventions of trends, genders, or social class. The design is powered by experimental material innova-tion and form exploration - let the difference between light natural cowhide and cold metallic texture bring magic to each piece.

OR jewelry are made to captivate the highlights in your daily life, to signify your confidence and your freedom.



The core shape part of OR jewelry adopts natural cowhide skin embryo coating technology, and selects the best material from yellow cowhide back leather position. The leather is delicate, soft and light. It will not cause allergic hazards to the skin because of the environmental friendly technology.

The metal parts of OR jewelry use 316L medical grade titanium steel. Titanium steel is mostly used in the areas like luxury hardware, medical implants and luxury watches. The material is powerfully anti-acid and anti- alkali, high hardness, no discoloration, no deformation, hard to be scratched, hard to be allergic and permanently bright.



In the early part of wearing natural cow leather products, a small amount of fiber may fall off. This is cut cowhide fiber, which is a normal material phenomenon. Just wipe it lightly,it will be fine.

Please avoid contacting with water sources when wearing leather jewelry, and avoid wearing it during bathing, swimming or strenuous activities.

When wearing leather jewelry, please avoid contacting with chemicals, including cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, etc.

Leather jewelry is soft. Please avoid contacting with rough and sharp objects when wearing it, and avoid tearing for fear that causing scratches, abrasion, deformation, or tearing.